Welcome to my food blog: HAITI BITES.

My name Sylvie and I am the proud mother of the two most marvelous little boys in the world, my twin sons, Andreas and Mathias, who somehow, are already 10! Time flies! My little sous-chefs and food critics have managed to grow so fast. I am married to a wonderful, caring, and supportive husband, Herbert. Our home is my favorite place on earth.

On a professional level, I am a founding member and managing partner of Blue Mango, an ad agency in Haiti. As a contributing editor to our own N.B. Magazine, a trending culture, events and restaurant guide in Haiti, I enjoy writing and sharing thoughts and ideas.

From my passion for cooking and communicating came the idea of bringing Haiti’s beautiful flavors and colors to the world on a plate, one delicious recipe at a time.

About my Food Blog. Behind the scene shoot of Sylvie from Haiti Bites by Frederic Dupoux
Behind the scene shoot of Sylvie from Haiti Bites by Frederic Dupoux

Passion 1: Cooking, my go-to therapy.

After a long day of work, cooking calms my nerves, disconnects me from the chaos of the day, and reconnects me with my family. While cooking during the week offers a bit of respite for me, cooking on the weekends gives me the time to experiment and explore new recipes. Cooking is a source of happiness to me which I can share with loved ones and now YOU.

Passion 2: Haiti, my home country.

Haiti is a country of a thousand colors, textures, sounds, and aromas. It grips you with its raw and crude realities while charming you with its magical and undeniable charm. Its overly expressive. Our welcoming people, along with their loud laughs and genuine generosity, stay with you forever. Haiti bites… and leaves its mark on you.

So many who have visited Haiti have thought they would never come back. Yet someday find themselves right back here saying “What was I thinking staying away for so long?!” Kind of like me saying “what was I thinking starting a food blog?!” It can be overwhelming, but I love it.

Through this food blog, I will share with you another side of home, which you may never have the chance to see or experience unless you visit us. I will attempt to capture what it is that keeps me, among others, mesmerized with Haiti: the tastes of a fresh mango, the smell of freshly ground coffee, the aroma of the earth before the rain, a glass of fresh fruit juice, the laughter of a child running around, the smile of a “pratik” (local street vendor) negotiating the price of freshly picked carrots or artichokes. Mmmm …. Haiti is full of flavors!

From childhood dislikes to our more sophisticated adult palates, from old classics to the modern eclectic twists of fusion flavors, from all the cuisines of the world that I have had the chance of tasting – here you will find a mix of all blended into recipes featuring local ingredients. Haitian fusion recipes, from my heart to your table, for your enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting my food blog and thank you Frederic Dupoux for this wonderful photo and to my team at N.B. for convincing me to show my face.

Enjoy! And as we say: “Bon Appétit !”

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when
there is nothing left to take away.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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31 comments on “About my food blog

  1. Congrats, Sylvie!
    Waiting for your recipes and your advises!

    • Thank you Sandra. Keep reading :)

  2. i just love this initiative. I also enjoy cooking and I am looking forward to great tips and ideas.


    • Thank you Dominique !

  3. Wonderful initiative. I look forward to reading more.

    • Thank you Sabine ! Looking forward to inspire you some more in your kitchen :)

  4. Bônne idée je suis impatiente de voir la suite

    Pourquoi pas en français ou en créole
    Moi aussi j’aime la cuisine et souvent j’adapte des plats haïtiens aux ressources locales
    Comme de la chiquetaille de tête de seiche…

    • Merci du feedback ! Pourquoi en anglais ? La réponse est simple, j’ai voulu ouvrir cette plateforme à un public élargit, la proximité des USA et la large population haïtienne y vivant, étaient deux aspects convaincants pour le choix de la langue. De plus, l’anglais est après tout la langue la plus cosmopolite.
      J’écris aussi beaucoup en francais dans le magazine que publie mon agence de pub en Haïti, N.B. Magazine – https://www.facebook.com/pages/NB-Haiti/129368761216?ref=br_tf
      Ca change d’être en anglais… J’espère ne pas perdre un lecteur en vous pour cela, et attend vivement de vous relire. :)

  5. Compliments Sylvie!!!!

    • Merci Marie-Louise. J’attend de lire ton feedback sur les prochain posts. Bises.

  6. Sylvie! This is amazing!

    I have had the pleasure to taste your dishes on so many occasions and as your mother, love to brag about your chef talents! You are so creative when it comes to preparing food which is always delicious made with your hands and also so beautifully presented!

    Every human being has a secret, that even their mothers ignore. Just discovered yours with pride : you were working on this beautiful food blog without me knowing it! What a wonderful surprise!

    Congrats! Congrats! It is simply wonderful!

    You deserve a big round of applause and success! Keep going!!!

    • Awww! Thanks mom! I get my cooking skills from you. Thanks for allowing me to boil water and take over the kitchen from an early age ;)

  7. Sylvie, belle initiative. Laisse parler ton cœur et ta passion pour la bonne chair (surtout cuisinée avec les produits du terroir!) J’anticipe déjà les articles futurs , les conseils et les recettes.
    Thanks for sharing, Thanks for caring❤️!
    Kimbé la pa lagué!

    • Merci Sandra de tes gentils mots. J’attend tes feedbacks à venir. Bises.

  8. So exciting Sylvie, keep the recipes and ideas coming , great idea!!

    • Thanks Sofia! Send me recipes to try out :)

  9. Byby, this is wonderful! I love everything about this blog: the idea, the recipes, the photos and the amazing woman behind it! I look forward to reading some more :)

  10. Bibi, Congratulations! I am amazed that with everything else you have to do you not only have the time to cook delicious meals but also have time to write about it! You are an extraordinary lady and, somehow, I allow myself to say I am proud of you!

    • Thank you Amine for the compliments. Coming from one extraordinary lady, it means the world. And yes, I do wonder myself where I find the time sometime, but cooking is my escapade from the surrounding noise after all. Thanks for liking and reading the blog.

  11. Sylvie, congratulations!!!! I enjoy very much your blog and wonderful recipes. Using the locale
    ingredients makes the dishes even more attractive. Ina Garten, make way for a wonderful Haitian chef!!

    • Michele, thank you for your fine words of encouragement! I am very touched by the enthusiasm you show towards my blog. Looking forward to an invite for diner :)

  12. Love the recipes! Am very impressed with the Lambi Dumpling. I am Chinese and dumplings are my fav. I am going to try cooking all your recipes – ala Julie and Julia, the movie! :).
    First one I am going to try = Eggplant pizza. Look so delicious! And healthy too!

    • Lai Ching, so happy to see you testing my recipes in your kitchen. I hope my Lambi Dumpling will be up to par with your expectations. Please share all comments and recommendations possible. There is always room for improvement in everything we do!

  13. Thank you for your blog!

    • … thank YOU for reading!

  14. Please sign me up for the newsletter .

    • With pleasure ! :)

  15. Wow! This will help our hotel guests at MBH who always ask me to cook them exotic, local, fresh and creative meals. Thank you for sharing your creativity. All the best.

    • Thank you Jihane for your feedback. It will be a great honor to see some of my recipes served up at the great Maxime Boutique Hotel! Please don’t forget to tag #haitibites when you make them :) Nothing brings me more satisfaction but to see people enjoy my recipes. Happy cooking!

  16. Thank you Sylvie!!! I am having a fundraising gala coming up this April, I will certainly invite the cooks to look at your food blog for ideas. And of course #haitibites.

    • Thank you Valmyr for your support. Best of luck with you fundraiser event and let me know how it goes !

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