Clairin Mint & Cucumber Cocktail

Here’s a little refreshing cocktail to celebrate my 10,000 Facebook followers today!!!

Today is the day I woke up to the great surprise of having 10,000 followers on Facebook just over 6 months after starting the blog. Wow! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the support, the love, the interaction.

Truly happy and appreciative to have you on all my social media platforms and on the blog!

Here’s a refreshing Haitian Clairin cocktail to celebrate you guys!

(Cheers to democracy as today is Election Day in Haiti!)

Some people got voters, well I got followers! :)

Clairin is a true celebration of sugar cane juice, typical to Haiti, and Haiti alone. Often referred to as an refined white rum, it undergoes the same distillation process as rum. I like to refer to it as close to the popular Brazilian Cachaça or Columbian Aguardiente.

Clairin Sajous, for which I opted in this cucumber, mint, anis liqueur and lime juice cocktail, is an unfiltered cane sugar spirit made exclusively in Haiti. This rare gem unleashes the full power of its herbaceous aromas essential to a good Clairin topped with generous, luscious sweet notes perfectly refined in this top quality bottle.

So here’s to you and to many more posts!

Haiti Bites Cucumber Mint Clairin Cocktail 2


Ingredients for 1
2 oz Berling Liqueur Anisette
1 oz Haitian Clairin Sajous
5 thin slices of cucumber
1 lime juice
6-8 mint leaves
2 slices lime


In a shaker, pour your Clairin and Anisette Liqueur over a few ice cubes. Add in your lime juice, a few slices of cucumber and your mint leaves.

Shake well and pour over crushed ice.

Top with your slices of lime, a few extra mint leaves and cucumber slices.




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