Mango Frozen Yogurt With Orange & Coconut Chocolate Squares

Chill! And have some frozen yogurt!

It’s summer and you know you need a break from work, errands, tedious tasks and yes … from this heat.

Have I got a treat for you today.

Try Haiti Bites mango frozen yogurt made of delicious ripe Haitian Mango Baptiste, the best tasting fruit on earth probably. A 20 year old mature tree will yield about 200 to 300 fruits a year. So these are a jewel of a fruit from the womb. They are bright yellow to orange colored on the outside, smell terrific, are firm and juicy at the same time on the inside with a deep orange mild and sweet flavor. These mangos mostly known in Haiti are oval, with a smooth, non-waxy skin and weigh an average of 12 oz. My favorite thing about Mango Baptiste is the exceptionally firm fiberless flesh.

Topped with homemade coconut and orange chocolate chips made of “chocolat peyi” with golden crisp grilled coconut flakes and orange zest, these little desserts are a real treat.

Make these ahead by freezing them for up to a week in your freezer into individual little zip lock bags with as little air as possible. So good and tasty, the freezer monster may just make them all disappear within the week to your great surprise, and your kids and significant other will tell you they have no clue how the empty glasses landed in the sink. Oh well… time to make some more when that happens.

If any are left though, do as the hungry freezer monster did and let them stand at room temperature for a few minutes before serving them to allow the frozen yogurt to soften slightly.

Scoop out a spoonful and YUM! Fresh and delicious Frozen Mango delivered with the crunch of delicious orange and coconut chocolate bits.

Happy summer days!

Haiti Bites mango frozen yogurt with "chocolat peyi" chips

Ingredients for 6 cups
4 cups diced fresh cut mango Baptiste (frozen in the freezer)
2 cups nonfat plain yogurt (frozen as well - I use the locally made yogurt by Lèt Agogo)
1/2 cup Cool Whip
1/4 cup confectioners' sugar (optional - use if your yogurt is unsweetened, your mango is not too sweet and you want your mango frozen yogurt sweeter)
1/2 tsp almond extract

Dice your fresh mangos, and place them laying flat on a cooking sheet in the freezer without overlapping for a few hours until frozen.

Place your yogurt into a bowl and place in the freezer as well until frozen.

Remove from the freezer your frozen ingredients and mix your mango, yogurt and Cool Whip straight from the freezer together in a food processor, adding your dash of almond extract.

Add a little confectioners sugar at the end if you find that your frozen yogurt needs to be sweeter to your taste.

Mix well until smooth.

Pour into cute little cups for individual portions.

Top with a coconut chocolate chip.

Ingredients for chocolate chips
2 cups of cocoa powder (or about 2 tablets of Choco Towo grinned to powder, our local unrefined cocoa tablet)
3/4 cup semi-salted butter soft at room temperature
1 cup confectioners sugar
2/3 cups of milk
1/4 cup flour
1 cup water
1 tsp fleur d'oranger extract (orange blossom essence)
1/2 cup grilled coconut flakes
1 tsp orange zest

Grind your cocoa tablets down to a fine cocoa powder.

In a mixing bowl, mix the 2 cups cocoa powder to your butter (dice your butter into small cubes for easier mixing). Combine well in the mixer until you reach a fine paste.

On your stove top, use a double boiler if you have or a homemade “bain-marie” with a pot of simmering water and a smaller heat resistant glass bowl that can sit on top. This technique is used to create a gentle and uniform heat around the chocolate. Pour your cup of water into the cooking pot. Let it heat it up until its hot, without letting it boil. It just needs to simmer.

Transfer your chocolate butter mixture to the bain-marie bowl with simmering water underneath and mix gently until smooth and melted, with a plastic spatula. Keep mixing and removing the chocolate from the side panels to avoid that your chocolate burns or dries.

Once this paste is hot and homogenous, transfer it to the mixer, and let it mix until it reaches a smooth texture with no lumps.

Add the milk, flour and confectioners sugar and keep mixing gently to reach a smooth and unctuous, no lumps, mixture.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Pour your chocolate mix and spread it evenly. Let it cool for 5 minutes then sprinkle on top your grilled coconut flakes and orange zest.

Cover with another sheet of parchment paper, and roll gently with a rolling pin to encrust the coconut lightly.

Let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours for cooling and hardening, and cut into uneven pieces and store in the fridge for up to 15 days in an airtight container.

When ready to serve top your mango frozen yogurt with a piece and welcome in the summer! These little Mango Frozen Yogurt With Orange & Coconut Chocolate Squares are a real treat and easy to remake anytime as long as you keep some chocolate around in the fridge :)

Bon appétit!


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