Passion Fruit Caipirinha

Reading my blog you will come to realize that I have a passion for Passion Fruit. I presume the real reason behind the name of this fruits lies with just that. Once you try Passion Fruit, you cannot refrain from having a strong opinion about it. And if like me, you are a “Fille du Soleil” (girl from the sun), fresh from the Caribbean, most likely your opinion will resemble mine:

Passion Fruit is one of the most exquisite fruits ever!

It’s acidity mixed with hidden sugary tastes, it’s wonderful aroma gives it its powerful punchy flavor, making it one of my favorite to use in my kitchen.

Whether as a glass of fresh juice, in a drink, or as a base for a magnificent sauce, Passion Fruit is always sure to deliver great taste. Did you know that some claim it even holds aphrodisiac virtues? Ahaaa ! Whether or not this is true, I cannot confirm. However, one thing is for sure, remixing it in cocktails is a great touch.

Here, I am prepping for you a Passion Fruit Caipirinha, which I like to call Caipirinha Passion. This is a twist to the authentic Brazilian cocktail. In this recipe, I am swapping the Brazilian Cachaça, for some good old Haitian dark rum and adding Passion Fruit juice, or GRENADIA as we call it here, for an extra tangy taste.

Did I mention to you that my dear beloved husband makes rum? His family has been in the business of making rum for many many years now in Haiti, so I have a tendency to introduce his products into my recipes whether it be rum-based recipes or a dash of liqueur to spruce up a dish. Guilty as charged, but can you blame me… Some things do taste a little better with some rum. (wink! wink!)

So with no further ado, let me present to you this wonderful cocktail which I hope you will enjoy and share with a few friends.

Cheers to your Sunday afternoon!

2 oz. dark Haitian rum preferably with Rhum Vieux Labbé 3 stars by Berling S.A. :)
1 oz. simple syrup
2 oz. passion fruit ("grenadia" in Haiti) About 2 or 3 medium sized fruits.
Crushed ice
Sugar cane stick, for garnish if you have

Cut your passion fruit in two.
Scoop out the flesh and seeds and transfer to a mixing glass or cocktail shaker along with simple syrup, and dark rum.
Shake over ice and pour into your glass half way filled with crushed ice.
Make it pretty and garnish with a stick of sugar cane if you have on hand, otherwise, just go without garnish and sip with joy.


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