Pomegranate Jam

Would you like some jam on that croissant for breakfast tomorrow morning? How about this delicious pomegranate jam or “confiture de grenade”?

Locally, we call this exotic fruit “Grenade” and it makes for the base to the more well known grenadine syrup.

Here’s a recipe with this delightful tropical fruit to start your weekend well.

Sweet and a little sour, this pot of jam is easy to make and a spoonful can do miracles on just about anything.

A couple of hints?

Well, you can use it with “mamba” (peanut butter) in a PB&J sandwich to start simple.

Spread some on a crêpe for your little ones.

Lightly toast a fresh baguette and top it with some jam and cheese shavings like Manchego or Parmesan for a quick appetizer.

Make a fancy goat cheese puff pastry tart and glaze your crust with some pomegranate jam for a delicious sweet taste.

Grab a few crackers and accompany them with your favorite “pâté de foie”, duck liver mousse or foie gras with your jam as a side.

Want to impress your guests with no fuss but tons of flavor? Grill a few pork chops and baste them with jam right before serving while on the grill.

And if a simple breakfast with a touch of french pastry is your thing, a good cup of black Haitian coffee, a fluffy buttery croissant and some “confiture de grenade” will make your morning brighter.

Truly divine!

4 pomegranates (4 cups of seeds)
1 cup Berling Hibiscus Liqueur (if you don't have hibiscus liqueur, use orange liqueur)
1 cup water
6 tbsp sugar
1 star anis
1 cinnamon stick
2 limes

Quarter your whole fruit, then core it, and remove all the seeds carefully, making sure to remove all the white membranes, which will give it a bitter taste if left in.

Your 4 fruits should render about 4 cups of immaculate seeds.

Pour in a saucepan your water and hibiscus liqueur with your sugar, and bring to a boil.

Add in your seeds, your stick of cinnamon and your star anis.

Let it all boil for 1 hour, mixing regularly.

Once it has thickened almost into a caramel texture, remove from heat.

With a wooden spatula in a strainer, strain your mixture to remove all seeds and extract a pure gooey jam. Using two lime juices, squeeze some lime juice as you strain to help extract the purée, adding the lime juice little by little.

Your jam will be thick, nice and smooth and ready to enjoy once cooled.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 months — if you are able to resist that long :)



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