Wild Hibiscus Cocktail

Oh hibiscus, hibiscus, hibiscus of ours!

Everywhere in Haiti, you find some hibiscus growing. The variety in color and shape is incredible.

It is today the symbol of our tourism logo.

I must say though, that from childhood memories, there used to be a lot more Hibiscus going around.
I remember those bushes of the tiny red or pink ones, that were blooming exponentially during various seasons of the year.

Mostly used fresh to make tea, these flowers are turned into this exquisite organic locally made liqueur which is the base of this cocktail. Mixed with some fresh lime juice and a punch of rum, this light cocktail is sure to please more than one of you.

I myself had on hand these wonderful wild hibiscus flowers that come in syrup, which I often use in cocktails and in my kitchen for plating. The delicacy and elegance the floating flower brings to your cocktail is sure to impressive all.

Raise your wild hibiscus cocktail glass, and cheers to your weekend!


Ingredients for one
2 oz Hibiscus Rum Liqueur by Berling
1 oz 3 star dark Haitian rum - Rhum Vieux Labbé
0.5 oz fresh lime juice
Put all ingredients in your shaker with some ice and shake well. 
Using a strainer, pour in gently in an elegant glass.
You may add center piece your wild hibiscus flower if you have on hand. 

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