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About Me

Hi! I’m Sylvie.
Welcome to my food blog: HAITI BITES.

How do I describe myself?

Well… Mother. Wife. Self-taught culinary creative, food blogger turned restaurant owner.

I am the proud mother of the two most marvelous (not so little anymore) twin boys in the world, my sons Andreas and Mathias, who were 9 when I started this blog, and somehow have managed to be 16 already! Oh how time flies! My little sous-chefs and food critics are now teenagers, soon off to college.

I am married to the most wonderful, caring, and supportive husband, Herbert, who shares my passion for the gustatory discoveries, and who himself, happens to be a Distiller behind many great finds in the haitian rum world. So yes, many great laughs are shared around good cocktails and good food around us.

I co-owned and managed an advertising agency in Haiti, Blue Mango, for 15 years, and I decided to take a leap of faith and change career, and landed where I am today. Full time in my kitchen at Haiti Bites in my home town of Port-au-Prince, where between Le Bistro, La Boutique and L’Atelier, you can eat, buy and learn to cook with the very best our rich terroir has to offer.

How did this 180 degree change come about? Simply from my passion for cooking. Cooking has always allowed me to express the flavorful yet unforgettable tastes of Haiti on a dinner plate. It allows me to share my love with those who get to enjoy my food, and helps me explore my curiosity via culinary experiences.

Through Haiti Bites, I’m on a mission to put Haiti on the culinary map.

My Haiti is a country of a thousand colors, textures, sounds, and aromas. It grips you with its raw and crude realities while charming you with its magical and undeniable magnetism. Our overly expressive and welcoming culture, along with our loud laughs, stay with you forever.

Haiti bites… and leaves its’ mark on you.

So many who have visited Haiti have thought they would never come back. Yet someday they find themselves right back here saying “What was I thinking staying away for so long?!” Kind of like me saying “what have I embarked myself on, taking into restauration?!”

I hope to share with you another side of home, which you may never have the chance to see or experience. I will attempt to capture what it is that keeps me mesmerized with Haiti: the tastes of a fresh mango, the smell of freshly ground coffee, the aroma of the earth right before the rain, the distant laughter of a child running around, the smile of a “pratik” (local street vendor) with loaded basket of freshly picked carrots and artichokes, the colors, beaches and mountains.

From childhood dislikes to our more sophisticated adult palates, from old classics to the modern eclectic twists of flavors, from all the cuisines I have had the chance of tasting from around the world – here you will find it all mixed into recipes from my heart for your enjoyment (I hope).

Thank you for visiting.

And as I like to say: “Bienvenue chez vous!” (Welcome home)